Support, Options, Actions for Respect (SOAR)Training

The Utah Association of Community Services (UACS) offers “Support, Options, Actions for Respect” (SOAR) training to our members. Trainings are conducted every other month at TURN Community Services, 423 West 800 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101. SOAR was developed by UACS exclusively for our members as our licensed approach to provide interactions with the people we serve. SOAR is approved by the Utah Department of Human Services, Division of Services for People with Disabilities. Members may register for SOAR by completing the SOAR Training Registration Form. Cost for the training is $450 per trainee and must be mailed with the Registration Form to UACS, P.O. Box 1287, Salt Lake City, UT 84110­-1287.

Upcoming SOAR Trainings

Dates & Master Trainers:
January 22­-24, 2018        –  Connie Willoughby & Troy Angus
March 26-­28, 2018           –  Steve Williamson & Jamie Quinn
May 21­-23, 2018              –   Steve Williamson & Troy Angus
July 16­-18, 2018              –   Brooks Berg & TBD (in Salt Lake)
September 24­-26, 2018   –   Connie Willoughby & Jamie Quinn
November 26-28, 2018    –   Steve Williamson & Connie Willoughby